The goal and mission of the project is to respond first of all to the request expressed by ICANN to propose a generic Top Level Domain .health with a global and community based focus. It is not the intention of the consortium to go for financial benefit, but to generate the required technical structure, to build up the necessary legal processes and to integrate all medical staffing and related structures in this project. As both organisations have the necessary skills and relationships, ISfTeH being the representative partner in tele-medicine and e-Health, ISOC Belgium representing the policy and technical aspects related to the Internet world and the Internet user (being an ALS inside the ICANN structure), we are confident in expressing the desire to start off this project.



The dot health consortium's basic methodology consists in bringing together interested and qualified partners in order to be able to cover all levels of medical authorities, staff and participants as well as the appropriate and qualified technical partners to accomplish the basic goals of the project. It speaks for itself, government will also be invited as many of the issues to be handled in cross border situations will depend on national and intercontinental law.




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